Order of Proceedings

5th Annual Convention - DoubleTree by Hilton, Swindon

Friday 8th March 2024

Registration opens 14:00
Exhibitions open 14:00
Hotel check-in opens 15:00
Cabinet meeting 15:30

Host Night Dinner: The Wild West 7:00 for 7:15pm


Saturday 9th March 2024




Registration opens 08:15
Exhibitions open 08:15
Call to Order: Acting District Sergeant at Arms, Past District Governor (PDG) Lion Dave Ebsworth 09:05
Health & Safety Briefing: District H&S Officer PDG Lion Brian Donovan
Welcome to Convention: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald 09:10
Opening of Convention: International Director Lion Marcel DaniŽls - Lions Club of Kortenberg, Belgium
Vote of Thanks for opening convention: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
National Anthems: God Save the King and La BrabanÁonne
Introduction of Guests & Principal Officers: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Recognition of PCC, PDGs and 1st Timers: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Mission Statement followed by One Ethic & One Purpose: Zone Chair Lion Lisa Rust and Zone Chair Lion Andy Goffin
Poem for Remembrance: "Afterglow" 2VDG Lion Dianne Hopkins
Remembrance Ceremony: ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow
Lighting of Remembrance Candle: International Guest and DG Team with partners  

Break - 5 mins: Those who wish to leave can do so at this point, those who wish to stay are more than welcome

Call to order, Attendance Report and Messages: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth
Invoke Standing Orders and No Tail Twisters: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Minutes of the last Convention and Matters Arising: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Report of CNRO & Call for Nominations of Host Club for the 2025 District Convention: District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild
Business and Voting Procedures: District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild
Nomination for District Governor 2024/2025: ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow Introduced by District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild

Nomination for 1st VDG 2024/2025: 2nd VDG Lion Dianne Hopkins Introduced by District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild

Nominations for 2nd VDG 2024/2025: Lion Tim Hanton Introduced by District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild
Thanks to candidates: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Reports of the DG Team, District Almoner, Admin Team and Finance Committee (en bloc): PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Acceptance of the accounts for 2022/2023: District Treasurer Lion Tim Hanton
District CNRO: District CNRO PCC Lion John Goodchild - see Resolutions page
Resolution 1 - Proposed by District Cabinet - Per capita Levy for 2024/2025
Resolution 2 - Proposed by District Cabinet - Appointment of Independent Examiners of Accounts
Zone Chair Reports (en bloc): PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Reports of the Club Development, Communications, Community Services, International Relations, LCIF Advisor and Youth Committees (en bloc): PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Introduction of special guest: Peter Wragg (Vice President) Julia House - ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow
Vote of Thanks: Zone Chair Lion Richard Weaver

Comfort Break - 20 mins

Call to order: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth
Introduction of Guest Speaker on Hunger: PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth
Guest Speaker: MD Hunger Officer Lion Chris Hibbert
Vote of Thanks: Zone Chair Lion Lisa Rust
Introduction of International Guest: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Address of International Guest: International Director Lion Marcel DaniŽls
Vote of Thanks: ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow
Attendance Report and Notices: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth

LUNCH - prebooked only - tickets must be shown


Ballot Boxes will be open until 1pm for Voting for District Governor 2024/2025, 1st Vice District Governor 2024/2025 and 2nd Vice District Governor 2024/2025

Settle back: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth 13:30
Reconvene Business session: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Introduction of Young Ambassador candidate: Lion Yorky Tuke
Young Ambassador candidate: Jasmine Folkes
Introduction of Youth Exchange candidate: Youth Exchange Officer Lion Steve Sherring
Youth Exchange candidate: Holly Ryan
Thanks to Jasmine and Holly: PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald
Introduction of Guest Speaker: Lion Laura Roberts
Guest Speaker: Air Commodore Bill Tyack CBE

Vote of Thanks: PDG Jarvis Macdonald
Gift for Living: Lion Linda Picton
LCIF: LCIF Officer Lion Ann Huntley

5 minutes slots

Rubbish: PDG Lion Judith Goodchild - Hook & Odiham
Maison Des Landes Hotel: Lion Peter Tabb BEM - Jersey
The Bob Cook Games: Lion Derek Angell - Chippenham
Sports Coaching Day: Lion Jerry King - Devizes
FunFest: Lion Laura Roberts - Fleet

Thanks to clubs for 5 minute slots: PDG Jarvis Macdonald
Prostate Cancer Awareness: Lion Brian Proctor
Autumn Forum: Lion Linda Picton
Sight Savers: PCC Lion David Firth and PDG Lion Patrick Hamblin
New Voices: New Voices Officers Lion Heather Blackley and Lion President Geoff Curtis
ROAR: Lion Graham Drayton
Legacy: PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald

Comfort break - 5 mins

Call to order: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth 15:25
Announcement of Election results: Those elected are invited to address convention - PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Competitions and Awards: ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow
International Awards: International Director Lion Marcel DaniŽls, ADG Lion Sandra Manktelow and PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald
Presentation of gift to International Guest: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Presentation of 2024 Host Committee: PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald
Presentation of 2025 Host Committee and Flag Transfer: PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald and PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth
Any other business: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
Final announcements: Acting District SAA PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth
Closing Ceremony: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
CLOSE OF 5th CONVENTION - 2024 16:30

Banquet and Ball: 7:00 for 7:15pm


Sunday 10th March 2024 - Mothering Sunday

Hotel check-out 10:00
Open forum: The DG Team 10:00
Thanks and a pleasant journey home: PDG Lion Jarvis Macdonald
CLOSE 11:00

All timings are approximate and subject to change at the ADG's discretion

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