Convention Team - 2024

Jarvis Macdonald

Jarvis Macdonald (Westbury Lions)
Convention Chairman 

Dave Ebsworth

Dave Ebsworth (Reading Lions)
Acting District SAA and Recycling

Tim Hanton

Tim Hanton (Wokingham)
Convention Treasurer 

Tom Sayers

Tom Sayers (Fleet Lions)
Bookings and IT

Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts (Fleet Lions) 

Exhibitions and Tombola

Lisa Rust

Lisa Rust (Fleet Lions and Zone Chair)

Press & publicity and 1st Timers

Dora Kan

Dora Kan (Devizes Lions)

Exhibitions and Tombola

Richard High

Richard High (Swindon Lions)

PowerPoint presentation and IT on the day

David Firth

David Firth (Westbury Lions)

Health & Safety and Insurance

Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper (Fleet Lions)


Juliet Browne

Juliet Browne

Website and room decorations

Vicky Hanton

Vicky Hanton


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